Monday, December 7, 2009

you don't know jacques suede

i la la love opi's suede collection! it is seriously genius. although i agree with pretty much everyone on the planet when i say that i think that they got lazy on naming them after polishes they already had, especially since they barely resemble their namesakes. oh well!

this guy is you don't know jacques suede. i left him matte cuz i like it like that! although they are breathtaking when covered with shiny topcoat. this is two coats. i found these much easier to work with than the previous matte collection, they dried less quickly but they were still not as easy to apply as regular polish. you really have to plan where you're going place your brush strokes or else you end up with a mess IMHO. i need to get all of the suedes, i'm just procrastinating. idk why haha.
the bottom picture is slightly more greyed, which i think is more color accurate than the top pic. i couldn't fix it :P

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