Thursday, December 17, 2009

two opi pinks

pink. it's the color of passion, to quote aerosmith. actually, in my humble opinion, it is the color of awesome. one of my absolute favorite pinks is elephantastic pink by opi. great opi formula, it glows bright but not too bright that its overwhelming, it's slightly warm in tone which sets it apart from other petal pinks, and looks absolutely unbelievable against any skin color. it does start off semi-sheer so three coats are the ideal, which seems like a lot for a creme but it is so worth it. this is also amazing as a pedicure varnish, as it looks so happy and cheerful on your tootsies. you might think of this as just a "spring" color, but heck i wear this all year round! everyone could use a dose of color in the cold chill of gray winter right? ;)
this second pink is called shootout at the ok coral, also an opi polish. i've made it no secret that i am in la La LOVE with corals! and this color is a combo of pink and coral that has a bright opalescent flash of bluish fuschia. it is stunning! this is three coats. i had a little trouble with application of this one if i remember correctly, because it ran a bit thick. i didn't want to thin it because i borrowed it from a friend. i'm going to have to get my own and see if it was just a fluke or if it was the polish in general that was the problem.

i have two finals today! :( wish me luck because they are going to be doozies haha. hope everyone is having a great week ♥
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