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Monday, March 28, 2011

China Glaze Island Escape Collection

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was nice and that you got in some quality relaxing. I know I sure did! I love to sleep in on the weekend. It makes it harder to get up on Monday morning, but it sort of rejuvenates me for work week...or at least that's what I tell myself (; Today I have the China Glaze Island Escape lacquers, six tropical inspired vivid polishes perfect for the girl who loves bright colors.
First up is Blue Iguana, a bright ocean blue shimmer gloss polish with lots of micro-sparkles in blue and fuchsia. There is a slight purple duochrome at certain angles but it's hard to capture on camera. The formula on this guy reminds me of OPI's Austin-tatious Turquoise, watery and a bit sheer. This is four coats, which is a more than I expected to need.
Next is Cha Cha Cha, which is a chartreuse green with gold-ish green shimmer. This was very pretty, I like it much more than I first thought I would. This is three coats. It reminds me of Zoya's Midori, maybe a bit lighter.
108 Degrees is described as a berry pink, I find it leaning towards fuchsia a bit. Same texture/finish as Blue Iguana and this has lots of micro-glitter too. There is a bit of a purple flash which is cute. This one is still a little sheer but not as bad as Blue Iguana. Three coats on this one.
Electric Pineapple is a pear green (according to my Crayola box) that pulls very yellow. It reminded me right away of OPI's Fiercely Fiona, which I'll do a comparison post on soon. It is definitely a bright crème, but not neon at all. Just nicely day-glo. It was a little streaky, so I used four coats to get it nice and opaque with no streaks.
Senorita Bonita is a red toned purple with pink and purple micro-glitter. Very pretty, she has a more opaque base than Blue Iguana. This is probably my favorite color from the collection, as it is pretty unique in my opinion. This one gave me cuticle drag though, so definitely take your time when polishing. This is four coats.
And last is Papaya Punch, a bright day-glo tangerine orange crème. This was the best behaved color of the collection, nice and opaque and easy to paint on. Three coats.
In general, I like the idea of this collection, but some of the polishes were a bit temperamental. I would advise you to use an extra coat of your base coat of choice to prevent staining and to allow each layer of polish to dry somewhat before you polish on the next coats. I usually can polish right over after I finish with my last finger, but this one I needed to wait a few minutes between coats. Hope you enjoy these photos and the review, that it helps in making your decision on whether or not to pick these up. See ya later!

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