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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nubar Spring Garden Collection

Nubar's Spring Garden collection is full of gorgeous soft tones named for beautiful flowers. I can honestly say that I loved every single one of these lovely polishes. Pastels are notoriously hard to control and streaky, but these were not! They covered remarkably well in two coats (expect one) and were easy to paint with. I am ridiculously happy with this collection, it has beyond exceeded my expectations!

White Peony is the most perfect ivory creme. This is the only one I used three coats on. I painted on a coat of Dewdrop, the collection's multi-colored (in soft tones) glitter topcoat, for this and all the other polishes. I liked how it brought out a different tone on each polish.
Pink Lily is a pale but vibrant pink crème. These colors usually look really mod to me, but this one still appears very feminine and delicate.
Baby Sprout is an adorable soft pastel green with a slight sheen, almost a pearl quality. Just darling!
Blue Hydrangea is a sweet pastel blue with that pearl-like quality that Baby Sprout has. I find this so charming!
Earthen is a taupey grey crème with that nice glint of pearl. I was excited to see this one on, and it was different than I expected from the promo images. Very surprising and pretty!
Yellow Primrose is a dainty pale yellow crème. It reminded me strongly of Illamasqua Load, but this is definitely more creamy while that one has more of a jelly texture.
Purple Aster is a dusty pastel purple pearl. This is strongly reminiscent of Zoya's Marley but she was more of a cool lilac while PA has a warmer tone.
Honeysuckle is the token color of the year, the Pantone color of the year to be exact  haha. This cheerful bright crème is really striking and beautiful. It was definitely hard to choose, but this has to be my favorite out of the collection. I'm a sucker for bright pinky crèmes like this.
This collection is now on sale (until Friday 3/18/11) for $39.95 on :)

These were provided for review.
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