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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Essie Resort collection 2011

The upcoming Resort collection from Essie is inspired by Essie's travels to South Africa. I love the color palette, it's truly lovely. Plus I enjoy African design anyway :) This review is being done on my sister Claire's beautiful nails, so give her a nice comment on here for guest modeling for me if you will please :)

I got two colors from the collection to review, the first and my favorite of the two is called Da Bush. When I first read the polish name on the bottom of the bottle I was like, uh that can't be right, maybe this is a misprint! But sure enough that is the name. I didn't know that premise of the collection or anything though haha. This is a soft dusty sage green crème. It looked great in two coats, no problems.
Fair Game is an interesting color for sure. It's hard to describe what color it actually is, best I can manage is a frosty steel blue grey color. This is three coats on Claire's fingers. It was a bit brush-stokey but I anticipated it as it's texture is metallic/frosty.
What do you think? I'm looking forward to seeing the other two colors in this collection Lion Around and Your Hut or Mine.

These were sent for review.
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