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Monday, March 14, 2011

Re-do! BB Couture A Touch of Greece collection

I recently reviewed the new collection from BB Couture, "A Touch of Greece". I got them at a time when there wasn't enough sun to photograph them in, but I wanted to show them to you all as soon as possible. So I decided that flash photos had to do. Well, never being one to just accept mediocrity, I decided to re-swatch them all the first chance I got on a sunny day. So here is the second round! Hope you like them, I sure like them better than the first set :)
I also wanted to do a few of the comparisons that were requested by readers. The first is Uranus (pointer and middle) and Hades (pinky) versus OPI San-tan Tonio (ring). As you will see, ST is very much the most nude while Uranus is more butterscotch and Hades is yellow toned with slight shimmer.
The other comparison I was requested to do is with Plutus, the bright grass green crème. Pointer finger shows OPI Don't Mess with OPI, on my middle finger is China Glaze Starboard, and on my ring and pinky is Plutus.
Be sure to check these out on BB Couture's website or on

These were sent for review.
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