Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chanel Mimosa

Chanel Mimosa has been one of the most anticipated lacquers of the year. It's the season's "IT" color, yellow, and it's a Chanel so of course it's going to get some buzz. The collection it's from is called "Les Fleurs D’Ete" which means Summer Flowers which is just darling. Mimosa is my favorite cocktail too, so how could I resist picking up this baby?

I missed out on some of the cult favorites from Chanel, Jade etc. so I had to pick this guy up before I missed my chance...just in case, even though I had heard some less than stellar reviews from reputable sources. I have to say while it's not the best yellow polish I've ever used, it's not the worst either. It covers pretty well in three coats. Sure, there was some initial streaking but that's to be expected in a light shade. You can also see on my ring finger, application isn't completely level, bah. But for a nice warm sunny yellow with delicious golden shimmer, it does its job well.
I could really go either way on this when it comes right down to it. It is never going to look good on someone who can't pull off a yellow, but it is really beautiful on the right skin tone. It's not the greatest formula but if that doesn't bother you and you have a little patience, then you might love it. It really makes me want to sip a drink on a beach and soak up some rays. *sigh*
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