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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Man Glaze F*ck Off and Dye

I am kind of a potty mouth in my day to day life. It's very un-ladylike to curse like a sailor, I know. It's a pretty bad habit but I figure there are worse things and I watch my mouth at the appropo times I think, mostly on this blog (if not always on my twitter haha). I don't find it offensive in movies or in music although I know that is not always the general public's opinion and my blog is geared toward the masses of course. There are not many things that I'm a prude about really, and I'm not going to pass up a polish with a less than angelic name.

My beloved Man Glaze has come out with a PINK polish! The matte lacquer masters are known for their rock n' roll devil-may-care attitude and this polish may be a surprise to some of their fans but I've been expecting this twist for a while. There are two versions of this pink polish, a dirty name version called F*ck Off and Dye (without the asterisk) and a clean version named Blue. I, of course got the naughty one ;)

This is literally one of the best matte polishes I've ever used. It's not too thick and doesn't dry immediately so you can manipulate it easily. Plus it's a fab color, almost fuschia-like. Two coats.
I had to use a topcoat on it, just to see some of that shimmah I knew was in there, and LOOK! Freaking HAWT! This picture doesn't even begin to show you how rad it is in real life.
You like?
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