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Friday, April 29, 2011

FingerPaints Peace, Love & Color Collection Part 2

Here is the second half of the FingerPaints Summer collection Peace, Love & Color Collection. These three were the stronger half for me of the six lacquers. I still don't really love any of them, however. I am not a negative nelly and hate to give poor reviews but I'm never going to lie ya know? Anyway, I'll stop being dramatic and just get on with it.

Groovy Green is probably my favorite out of the bunch, even though I thought I was going to hate it. It ended up having a pearl finish which you cannot tell at all by looking at it in the bottle. I was not expecting to like it because when painting it on it was difficult as all heck to apply, it was thick and not smooth and kept dragging on itself. But when I finally had it on nicely (after three coats) and looked at my photos of it, I really like how it looks on me. *shrugs* Go figure.
Give Pink a Chance is pretty boring. It's a slightly reddish dark pink crème that gave me bubbles. *yawn* Sorry I'm not really into this one. It doesn't do anything for me or my skintone. Three coats for opacity when I would've expected two.
Peaceful Purple is another glitter but this one has color to the base unlike All You Need is Color, although I would've liked a little more. It's a jelly and hard to handle like the other glitters in the collection. Thick and gummy, hard to make level out. The purple glitter is red based and very lovely and you purple lovers will adore it I'm sure. This is two coats. All I could muster without getting totally frustrated.
So this collection is unfortunately a bust for me but there are plenty more fish in the sea for me this year. Summer collections are usually not my favorite anyway and there has been more than enough good ones this year to warrant my love than last year so that's good! What do you think of FP's picks for the sunny season?

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