April 24, 2011

MAC In the Buff

With the upcoming Surf Baby collection from MAC coming up, I was thinking about their last years shore-themed collection, To the Beach and it reminded me that I had gotten the lacquer In the Buff from it and hadn't tried it yet. I was thinking it would look nice on my longer than usual nails (at the time) so I slapped it on.
I really really want to love this but it isn't doing it for me like I thought it would. I thought it would be like a 9 on a scale of 1-10 and it's more like a 5. Boo. I still love the color itself but I'm not totally enchanted over it on me. It's a sandy muted tan crème, with an almost green undertone. This is three coats.
*Le Sigh* Oh well. I hope Scorcher, the other polish from To the Beach looks better on me. I'll swatch it one of these days :)


  1. OooHH I love this color!! Need to get it :D

  2. your nails do look lovely at this length!

  3. It kind of reminds me of foundation. It's pretty though!

  4. Oh dear. This is terrible! = (

  5. If you want to swap something for this one I'd love to. I decided I wanted it a little too late last summer and I couldn't fiiiiiind it.

  6. I get the feeling that that color would be hard for most to pull off. Your nails look great though!

  7. I don't care for this shade. Your nails are looking lovely.


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