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Saturday, April 23, 2011

SkinScience Institute: Spa Review

As you may know, I reside in Northern Utah where there is plenty of wind, rain, snow and sun. The high desert gets its fair share of crappy weather. This can wreak havoc on a person's skin. Mine included. I have lived in Utah and Nevada for basically all my life so you'd think my skin would be used to the harsh conditions. Nay. I have dry/oily, wind-blown, and acne-prone skin that dislikes the seasons as much as my internal thermostat does. Basically it makes for a lot of necessary make-up tricks on my part in order to look presentable most of the time. When I was offered the chance to visit a local Utah County day spa for a service, I jumped at the chance. I normally go for pedicures at a local salon, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try a facial. My skin has been looking a little more haggard than usual these days so I figured it could use a little R and R.

I was allowed to bring a friend, so of course I brought my bestie and partner in crime, my older sister Clarrisa. We both arrived at the SkinScience Institute in Orem, UT for our appointments last Saturday a bit early but we ended up being about 10 minutes late because we couldn't find the place! The signs outside the office complex where it is located (across from University Mall, if you're familiar with the area) is a little confusing as it leads you to believe it could be in three different buildings. It ended up being in the one building with no markers on the doors. We mentioned this to the ladies in the school, and they nodded in agreement saying it was in the works. Apparently this is a new location, apparent as some construction efforts were still underway in the office. *shrug* We laughed it off and got set filling out a consultation form, a little like one you would see at the doctor's office, more geared towards skin care.
The front office area of the Orem SkinScience Institute.
After that we were led into a small "locker room" where we could put on a wrap ala tube top thing (which was a little small for me, not gonna lie) and bath robes (again, mine was a little small). Then we waited for our estethicians on a couch in a dim waiting area. There was a sound system all around the rooms pumping out tunes of the jungle and forest and such, it was a little odd at times but semi-soothing too. I got used to it, although Clarrisa said the bird calls reminded her of whiny babies haha.
Clarrisa is my model.
Very relaxing couch.
Our two estheticians, Becky and Sarah came to consult with us before our facials. They were super nice and sweet. Our facials were wonderful and fabulously executed. Even though I have no basis for comparison, I was really impressed with my service. The facial lasted about an hour and a half, maybe even a bit longer.
Ooh, awww, relaaaaxxxx.
I had my skin cleansed, toned, exfoliated, extractions, a mask, moisturized, an eye treatment, a scalp massage, and a neck and shoulder massage as well. Clarrisa's was a bit different as her skin is in better shape than mine and needed different treatments. All the products they used smelled amazing and were name brand, like Murad and Jane Iredale. Sarah, my esthetician, was very friendly and knowledgeable about everything. She answered and asked questions effectively and I felt really comfortable with her, which is important. Clarrisa and I were both very satisfied and felt glowing and relaxed for the rest of the day!
Claire and I with freshly facialed faces.
I totally plan on making more appointments to indulge and pamper myself and my skin. They have all kinds of treatments available, body wraps, lymphatic drainage, hot stone facials, chemical peels, waxing, lash tinting, etc. Plus they are all priced super reasonably. I mean, the facial we got is normally about $30. For almost 2 hours? Uh YES please! I do hope a few things get fixed at this location, like the restrooms weren't working and I wasn't thrilled with having a robe and a wrap that didn't fit. But overall I really loved the experience and will definitely be going back.

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