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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoya Summertime Collection

Zoya's more demure second half of their summer collection is called Summertime, filled with opaque full-figured crèmes that certainly aren't lacking in pigment. I wasn't especially excited for this half like I was Sunshine, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality I found in these lacquers.

Areej is a soft, muted cool fuchsia pink that teeters on being almost dusty. This is two coats, which is pretty fab, I would expect to do three on a color like this.
Kieko is a warm, red toned light berry purple. Lovingly dusty in finish, which I quite like and didn't expect to see in a summer color. This is also two coats.
Sooki is the brightest in the bunch, as a crispy cherry red. This would be my favorite, except I found she stains badly. Oh well, she's a sassy minx. This is two coats as well. Almost a jelly, more a jelly crème really.
Mira (love the name!) is a medium grape purple that reminds me of China Glaze Grape Pop but pulls a little lighter. It has that same almost dusty look that Areej does. This is three coats.
Breezi is probably my favorite in the collection. Very similar if not a dupe for OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. This is three coats with a topcoat, as I wore it as a full mani.
Tamsen is the only name I've never heard before, haha. And it's another of my favorite picks from the bunch. A tomato red, pulling more orange than Sooki, this lacquer is also a deeper red and more complex. I really like this.
So this collection is not the most unique set of colors ever produced, but it is a solid group of well pigmented shades. I was surprised to see some of these in a summer collection, as I said, but that's fine, nothing wrong with pushing the rules a bit! What say you, oh loved ones?

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