Monday, April 25, 2011

Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection

I've never tried scented polish before I got to test out the Color Club Wicked Sweet collection. Now I know I do not like them. Well, scratch that. I cannot like them. I think these polishes are really pretty and well made but the smell makes my head feel like it's imploding. They have perfectly lovely scents that have a candy theme, but after a few minutes of them, I felt like I had jumped into a vat of melting candy after halloween or something. I am very sensitive to smells and the wrong scent can even give me a migraine at times, so I am probably not meant to have these. *Le Sigh* Shame.

This is the first neon collection from Color Club I will show you, as they came out with a second one for the summer this year. The collection is made up of seven shades. I swatched them here as a skittles mani. (Before you ask, I did try them by themselves and they still overwhelmed me so that wasn't the problem :( Sad panda.)
Raspberry Rush is on my index finger, it is a magenta jelly crème with a fab finish. La la love this one! It doesn't really smell like raspberries, more like jelly beans to me. Wicked Sweet is on my middle finger, the frosty blue raspberry color. It smells like artificial sugar to me, sounds yucky but it's delightful! The Lime Starts Here on my ring finger is a neon lime green jelly crème with a sour scent. On my pinky is Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, which I thought was my favorite scent at first turned out to be the one that gave me the worst headache. It had that grape hard candy smell that really lingers. It's a lovely polish though, jelly crème purple with red tones. And on my thumb is Get Your Lem-On, a shimmery neon yellow with a lemon drop scent. I like it but it took a bit to build up opacity and I had some bubbles in this one and didn't in the others.
Here are the last two shades along with three of the ones I've already talked about. On my index is I Always Get My Man-darin, a shimmery light icy orange with a fakey orange scent. Sort of like Tampico haha. And last is Yum Gum, a safe light bubblegum pink with a bubblegum scent that is light and almost stale, wish it was a little sweeter. Well if we're wishing for things, I wish I could tolerate the scents of these at all because I do like them very much. Have you tried these out?

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