Friday, April 15, 2011

OPI Rainforest

Hello hello my friends! I hope this week has been well for you all. I have had a rather stress filled, albeit fast moving week so I'm looking forward to the weekend. My niece (she's 20) is getting married today if you can believe it, haha that's Utah for you ;) I am not even dating anyone *sigh* Oh wells what can ya do. I had a mini breakdown yesterday because I'm turning 25 in June and I feel like I'm already over the hill *parb* yep ridiculous I know haha.

Enough rambling, on to the good stuff. I have another rare vintage gem to show you today, OPI Rainforest. A not-so-unique, but still cult classic lacquer, Rainforest is an old old old polish, I have no idea when it came out (do you?) but it was a while ago. I have heard tales of people paying a pretty penny for this elusive prize when they managed to find it on ebay, but I was very lucky and was able to get it in a super reasonable swap. It's an emerald green, thin, old formula shimmer that gave me a slight frosty finish, but is still the bomb diggity (do people still say that?). This is three coats.
*WHAM* *POW* *ZAP* Take that lemming!

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