Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lippmann Lara's Theme Sneak Peek

Check out the newest eye-popping shade to come from the genius of Deborah Lippmann, Lara's Theme created with supermodel Lara Stone. An orange fire shade that really looks like it was made for me ;) I cannot wait to get this on my nails!
Price: $16
Where to find: Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and online at 

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  1. Awesome! Oh noooooooo.....another DL I *need* ;-)

  2. This one's the one I really wanted to try. It's so pretty!

  3. it looks so smooth and creamy! yum

  4. Ooooh, as a Dutchie I should have this haha!

  5. I love love love orange, and I'm so happy that it's becoming the summer color (along with the slightly less desirable yellow) because so many companies will be making orange shades.

    My wallet will not be happy, but I will!

  6. Gorgeous shade of orange. Hope there's a sale soon.


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