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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BB Couture 'Eye Candy' Men's Collection: Swatches & Review

Hey friends! I am back with the second half of the Eye Candy collection, brand new from BB Couture. Hope you brought your napkins, because you'll need them to mop up the drool!

Kicking off the guys is Mr. Playboy himself, a beyond exotic peacock blue-green lacquer with teal and silver flattened shimmer particles. It's one of those colors that just captures you. I wore two coats of this today and couldn't stop staring at it. It is definitely a color that will tend to stain so be safe and wear two coats of your base coat of choice.

Next is pretty little ditty, Dirty Blonde! I like anything a bit *ahem* dirty ;) This is a flaxen tan-ish blonde yellow with the slightest of slight silver shimmer. It doesn't translate to the nail hardly at all, but it does show up in the sun ever so subtly. This is two coats, this bad boy was a little thick.

This is one Sexy Centerfold! I would liken this to a lighter version of BB's Golf Pro. I like this way better though, as I thought I would die for Golf Pro, it fell a little flat on me. This baby rocks my socks off! A dusty grass green with silver shimmer that glides on like butter. This is two coats.

And on to a Silver Fox, hmm mmm, yes MA'AM! I am head over heels with this polish. I really wasn't expecting to love this one. I felt like "meh" even when I was putting it on, but when I stepped into the sunlight, it won me over. The sexy shimmer weaves itself into the metallic silver grey really well.  Three coats here, because the formula was a little difficult.

Next is a Rustic Romantic. I see this as a dusty orange butterscotch color with subtle silver shimmer. I thought when I first saw it that maybe it was a shimmer version of one of the "Touch of Greece" collection colors, but it's not close to any of them. I wasn't in love with this guy unfortunately. I think it actually looks pretty good with my skin tone, I'm just not feeling his groove. This is two coats.

And closing the collection is a Heavenly Hunk. I really love this polish, I think along with putting out fabulous greens, BB Couture really does blues well and this is no exception. This guy is a fabulous sky blue with that awesome silver shimmer this collection is working so well. I used two thick coats for this swatch.

I hope you enjoyed this review and that you'll let me know what you think of the colors from then Men's collection in the comments. The Women's collection is showcased in my previous post. These can be purchased from soon and from right now for $8.95 each, that's a dollar cheaper than they are usually sold for. And these are limited edition so if you want them, get 'em quick dolls!

Products provided for review.
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