Friday, July 1, 2011

Glitter Gal - US Stockist

Happy July lacqueristas! Oh how time flies, I feel like just yesterday was the beginning of 2011 and it's already half over! Cray, cray.

Thought I would let you in on a little bit of news, très exciting. The LOVELY brand Glitter Gal has been producing high quality holographic nail polish as well as other awesome cosmetics for some time now. However, being based in Australia, it is hard for us chicas across the water to stomach the shipping prices--even though the GG girls don't mark up shipping at all. What they pay is what you pay, so really they don't get anything extra from the deal. The quality of the polish is very high, but overseas shipping is not the easiest pill to swallow.

Howeva...there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is now a US stockist selling Glitter Gal nail polish on Ebay! I just logged on and bought the Marine Blue and Black holographic polishes, yay! I've been lemming those for a while now. She does ship internationally, excluding a few countries that are having customs issues at the moment. Anyhoo, I couldn't keep the news to myself any longer, knowledge and greatness is meant to be shared eh ;)

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