Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FingerPaints 'Fall Fashionista' Collection: Sneak Peek!

I am loving these colors for fall! Very soft and preppy, I think these will all be winners. The yellow and pale purple are especially enticing to me. What do you think?

Products provided for review.


  1. This collection looks beautiful! So different than what we've been seeing, or at least it seems that way in the bottle.

  2. Hi sweetheart! I gave you an award, check out http://ladyluckbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/07/best-blog-award.html

  3. Another bright fall collection. But not surprised being as it's from Finger Paints line. They don't seem to be known for deep vampy or murky kind of dirty looks! The gray/green one is very light and looks from the bottle a lot like Essie DaBush from their summer resort 2011 collection. Would have liked to have seen a tish more camo green shade in place of that and a darker gray. Wondering if this might be a yellow I could wear. Most make me look ill...but this one looks kind of different, least from the bottle shot here. Thanks for posting these. It's the first I have seen of the FP fall line.

  4. I'm super excited to see how To-Teally Chic turns out, it looks super pretty. But the yellow color I don't think I'm going to like that one very much. I'm definitely going to have to do try these colors out for my new blog because those polishes are a great quality without the price tag.


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