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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BB Couture 'Eye Candy' Women's Collection: Swatches & Review

I am very excited to present the newest BB Couture nail polish collection to you, called Eye Candy! Here is the first half, the Women's collection. Six polishes with scandalous names and sassy colors just right for the humid July days and the hot August nights of late summer. Buckle up for some sex appeal my friends!

Up first we have Junk in the Trunk, a bootylicious bright berry blue polish with silvery blueberry sparkle. This polish is fierce and funky! I was able to get this opaque in two coats. I WISH I had junk in my trunk :( I have the flattest butt ever, it's ridiculous! I have totally considered getting a Brazilian Butt Augmentation ;)

Next is Trim and Tasseled, a purple jelly polish bursting at the seams with gallons of glitzy multicolored, green and purple glitter. This mama is a sexy beast! I did three coats here for an opaque finish, but it would also be great as a layering topper. This polish is seriously swimming with glitter, it is like a purple galaxy in a bottle!

The next lady is Scorching Strawberry, a playful sexy color that I could see myself wearing a I mean if I didn't have a billion other polishes to wear haha! This reminds me of strawberry milk or a drink with Tequila Rose in it or something (yum!) or a smoothie, so delicious. This mid-tone magenta pink crème base has super subtle silver irregularly shaped shimmer pieces in it, just enough to make the base a bit more complex. This is three coats.

This is Sweet Silicone, a metallic green teal with green and silver shimmer. The name of this one cracks me up, freaking hilarious! The ladies over at BB Couture certainly have a great sense of humor, and of course, produce some of the best and most unconventional polish colors ever--which is why I am head over heels for the brand! This one however, I'm not too crazy about, the color and finish don't do me any favors. Oh well, I'm sure someone will love this gal! This is three thin coats. Metallics are tricky, but using thinner coats and letting them dry a bit between applications seems to help.

After that comes Feathered Vixen, and I don't know why, but I always imagine feather boas to be purple, weird huh! I'm sure not every single feather boa in the world is purple, they just are in my mind haha (I'm cray, cray I guess...) This purple is more on the reddish side of the spectrum, not really blue in tone. It has the same irregularly shaped sparkles as in Scorching Strawberry, but BB must have added a dash more to the mix because it is much more apparent in this shade. Very pretty and girly, yet still a bit racy. This is two coats.

Closing the ladies is a Busty Bombshell! This polish literally made me squeal when I opened the package of polish I received from BB. Oh my heavens, could it be true?! A glittery gold olive green? Yup! This is one hawt lacquer. It turned out to be a little more metallic than I thought, but she still worked it out. This is three coats of sexxx! There is multi-colored blingy glitter in the base which is sort of like the color of tarnished coins, kind of gold, kind of green, a little of that dark mud color. Very interesting. It's hard to describe for sure! This is three coats.

You might have noticed that these girls have *gasp* white caps! Where are the signature BB Couture blue caps, you ask? Don't fret, my pet. They are on back-order at the moment, so Cindy who runs the famed BB Couture picked out these fab white caps to use for the Eye Candy collection, which is limited edition. I've heard rumor that these might (*ahem* will) be sold a bit cheaper than normal BB's because of the change (not sure how much cheaper). They will be available for purchase very soon on

Edited: They are available now for purchase on, it looks like they are $1 cheaper than normal bottles on this site.

I will have the Men's polish swatches up as soon as humanly possible :) My little nephew is visiting me this week so I am desperately trying to wrangle him around and keep him entertained, i.e. not allow him to impale himself or set anything ablaze, whilst also keeping up with my blogging responsibilities. Have a great day everyone!

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