Monday, July 25, 2011

The Hungry Asian - Sneeze Breeze

Greetings darlings :) I am beyond excited to show you this polish, made by my friend Kae who runs The Hungry Asian blog. I told you a while ago she was making her franken polishes available to buy and I am so glad she made more of this fab polish, called Sneeze Breeze. It was sold out the first time I tried to buy it from her and I was lucky to snag one the second time it became available. You can see some of her other great frankens for sale on her blog shop page.

Sneeze Breeze is a glitter polish consisting of bright blue and black glitter speckles. This glitter is special because it's not "glittery" per say, it's more "speckly". Very unique and fun! I used this for layering, I don't know if it would ever get opaque by itself haha. I used China Glaze's Blue Sparrow for the base color, two coats. It is from the INK collection that came out in Summer 2008. It by itself has tiny blue glitter, you can see my review of it here, but with Sneeze Breeze over it all you really see is the blue base, which is a dead ringer for the blue in SB. I got the idea for this combo from my girl ChaosButterfly who runs The Phalanges Files. This has to be one of my favorite manicures that I've ever done.

Do you love it? Or is it too weird for you?

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