Thursday, May 5, 2011

Butter London All Hail the Queen

Butter London is now being stocked in Ulta stores so it is now readily available to more consumers than it was before. Thank goodness, because even though I don't mind shopping online for bargains, full priced items can get expensive with shipping costs. The nearest Ulta store to me is about 45 minutes away but I occasionally get up there running errands, often enough to nurse a polish purchase every now and then. I was happy to see an end cap display at my local store this past weekend and I knew the shade I was going to get in half a second. All Hail the Queen.

This shade used to be known by a different moniker, slightly tweaked, All Hail McQueen, named for the late couture designer Alexander McQueen. I couldn't tell you the reason for the switch, be it for copyright issues, out of respect for the deceased, or simply for mass appeal. Whatever the rational behind the switcharoo, the lacquer remains the same quality shade so no matter. I do wish I would've picked up a bottle before they made the change however, as I do love the designs of McQueen and I expect those bottles are now becoming increasingly rare, always a neat characteristic to have in a nail polish in my opinion.

AHtQ is a light nude beige brownish crème shade with sprinkles of micro glitter that appears rosey nude at first glance but then shine holographic in the sunlight. It's not terribly flashy or ornate, but beautiful nonetheless. It's a smashing polish, one that I cannot believe I waited this long to own. This is two coats.
Do you like this lovely shade of beige or is it too toned down for you?
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