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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Color Club Starry Temptress Collection

Color Club put out a glitter neon collection for summer this year called Starry Temptress which sounded a little crazy and more than a little cool to me. However when I saw them in person, I was less than thrilled. The polishes looked like one of their previous neon sets that they had just injected with glitter. Uhh, ok? I guess I'm not sure what I was expecting but it looked a and sloppy. Well, never one to (HAHA!) judge a polish by its cover, I tried them anyway. *deep breath*

Space Case reminds me vaguely of Electro Candy only more bubblegum pink and more pearly. The glitter in this comes off white and more woven into the polish than swimming in it really. These all have weird glitter. They look nicely holo in the bottle but on the nail they get lost.
Ultra-Astral is a fuchsia (little fun fact, I never spell fuchsia right the first time, grr!) crème based polish where the white and holo glitter takes on a cool almost purple color, but it's definitely the same color and type of glitter as is in the rest of them. It's a strange effect but cool.
Every time I say Wink, Wink, Twinkle, I always put "tinkle" in place of "twinkle" and I don't know why. Weird huh. This one is your basic purple, I'm not jumping up and down over it. The opal (I suppose it's apal, not white really) glitter stands out nicely against the background but it doesn't really shine, it's just kinda there.
You Got Soul-Ar is the worst named polish but one of my favorites in this collection. I like the contrast of the opal glitter and the holo pieces actually stick out against the neon orange here. It went on nicely too, the others seemed really thick but this one slid on like butter. I don't know if I need it but I do like it.
Glitter Envy is a lovely lime green neon color but the glitter does not give me envy. It really gets muddled in this thick matte base and doesn't shine or bling or glitz at all. Too bad but I can imagine it being pretty with the right topcoat.
Otherworldly is a really pretty medium watery blue color and I like that you see depth in it with the glitter, but the un-sparklyness really detracts from it's beauty in my opinion. I have high hopes for this one with the glitter topcoat though.
So basically, these are not glittery. Even though they are glitters. Color Club obviously knew that too, so they included a glitter topcoat haha! Starry Temptress, the namesake of the collection, is the glittery angel they gave us to save all these none-blingy neons and make them shine. It's an opalescent glitter that sparkles with little multicolored snowy and holographic pieces. It's safe to say that these all look 100% better with the topcoat than without it, in my opinion.
With One coat of Starry Temptress: Otherworldly; Glitter Envy; You Got Soul-Ar; Wink, Wink Twinkle
With One coat of Starry Temptress: Ultra-Astral; Glitter Envy; Space Case; Wink, Wink, Twinkle
Well, I suppose ya can't la la love them all ;) I do like a few of these, but they're not all home runs for me. What say you, oh adoring public??

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