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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego Collection: Reveal Your Mystery

The folks over at Color Club have put out a Spring collection called Alter Ego that will satisfy most folks, with half being adventurous and glittery and the other half full of sophisticated, demure crèmes. I happen to prefer the second half, even though the first set I showed you previously ended up pleasing me as well. This half is called Reveal Your Mystery, I personally feel as if the names should've been switched...I don't get what they were trying to do there.

First up is Sheer Disguise, a baby pastel aqua crème. I can't think of a dupe for this, I love how there is a lot of grey in the blue of this color. The formula was a bit watery but build on itself nicely. This is three coats.
Next is Revealed, a peach that actually looks good on me! It seems to be the only color I have trouble pulling off. It's a soft pink tinged peach that has subtle glazed shimmer which I absolutely LOVE. I feel like this is what the folks over at Chanel should've done with Pêche Nacrée, rather than the pearl finish they used--although that would've thrown off the collection I suppose. I digress. This is three coats.
Secret Rendezvous is a bluey lavender lilac crème. It was a tad thicker than Sheer Disguise but not much. I like this on me but I feel like it's not terribly original. This is three coats. Unfortunately, this photo caught some shadow from my screen window, so disregard that :P
Incognito is another polish from this collection I really like. It's a pale beige nude, watery but nicely pigmented. Totally opaque in three thin coats. This would be very nice for mannequin hands on someone with a slightly lighter skin tone than mine. I enjoy shades like these on me because they make my hands look so dainty and clean.
Last is Give Me a Hint is a, now, common shade of purpley taupe. Dupes or similar colors would include China Glaze Below Deck, Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, Rimmel Steel Gray, etc. This is watery like the other crèmes in this collection, but it's still nice. I used two coats, but I should've used three.
I do not have Get a Clue, sadly it broke in shipping. I'm not too broken up about it though, despite the fact that I really love pinks, that one looks like a pretty typical Spring pastel.

What do you think about this half of the collection?

Products provided for review.
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