Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OPI Pink Me I'm Good

Hey kiddos! Hope all is well :) I just got done doing a sleep study (where a sleep technician monitors your sleep overnight) and I am not too well rested today. Having a million sensors and wires poking out of you all night is not so comfortable, let me tell you! Plus washing all the glue-gunk out of my hair this morning wasn't very fun either. I just hope I don't have sleep apnea or something like that. I did the study to possibly help figure out why I have daily headaches and frequent migraines. *shrugs* We'll see. Anyone who suffers from pain like that knows you'll do anything to figure out the cause and hopefully alleviate it! I hope it gets under control soon, wish me luck!

Anysnore...back to the important things in life, for Pink Wednesday I decided to show you OPI Pink Me I'm Good, an Ulta Valentines Day exclusive from 2010. I have been wanting this since it came out but just barely got it in a swap a few weeks ago. It's a gorgeous bright pink coral jelly with square bits of gold glitter. The consistency is pretty thick, almost gluey but it's not the worst formula I've used. This is three coats.
I loving showing off my pinks! Hope you've enjoyed this edition of Pink Wednesday :)
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