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Saturday, May 7, 2011

OPI Brights: Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collection

OPI put out a Pirates of the Caribbean collection for their Brights set this year in anticipation of the new movies, On Stranger Tides. The collection includes six dusty crèmes that evoke the murky waters and misty hues of the ocean and the mermaids in the movies. Also special in the collection is a new shatter, silver.

Stranger Tides, namesake of the collection, is a somber sage crème. I freaking love this color. Absolutely perfect, this looks like moss at the bottom of a tide pool. Great formula, opaque in two coats.
Planks a Lot is a fab dusty purple crème. I am not the biggest purple lover, though I know a lot of you are. This one works for me because it's not super vivid, sometimes a nice subdued color is just what the Captain (he he) ordered. Two coats.
I love Steady as She Rose. Not only does it appear to be possibly the most perfect light rosey pink ever but it reminds me of one of my favorite songs, Steady as she Goes by The Raconteurs. (I love me some Jack White!) Basically I can't believe how pigmented and opaque it is in two coats!
Mermaid's Tears is a bright yet dusty seafoam jade green crème. I know this isn't a terribly unique color but it performs remarkably well. Beautiful wouldn't you say? And who can resist that gorgeous moniker, I wonder if a Mermaid's Tears really are jade?
Skull & Glossbones is a fabulous murky beige grey crème. Glossbone is an absolutely perfect name for this polish, it totally looks like a shiny bone! I adore these types of non-traditional polish shades, they call to me. Another amazing shade that looks fabulous in two coats, was not expecting that!
Sparrow me the Drama is a medium pink crème, semi bright and vibrant but with a dusty cast. I love how they stuck 'Sparrow' me in the name, trés OPI haha, wouldn't expect anything else of course. This rose shade is so beautiful and perfect for spring, not too in your face, just sweet and pretty. I used three coats here.
And of course, we have Silver Shatter! This is by far my favorite shatter so far. From any one that I've tried. From ANY brand. It is seriously ga ga gorgeous! Just look at the rich blingy texture and shine you get! Plus it's relatively easy to apply, no headaches, just wait til your lacquer is totally dry, apply a semi-thick coat and voila cracks appear! I opted for the regular straight application over Planks a Lot here.
I have to say that this collection is a-mah-zing! I really think OPI hit this one out of the park. I've heard some complaints that these colors don't seem like they coincide with the "Pirates" theme very well but I think they do wonderfully. The old times that the Pirate movies are set in have beautiful clothing that are in colors like these, the water and sky of the Caribbean look much like these dusty hues, and the mythical mermaids that are featured in the film tie into these colors beautifully. The silver shatter also reminds me of the era, with the buckles and embellishments on the militaria of the time and the actual crackle lends itself beautifully to looking like driftwood or an old creaky ship. I love the texture it creates! I hope you enjoyed this review and that you like these colors. They should be in stores and online soon, early May I believe is the release date!

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