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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Spring/Summer Lacquers

Deborah Lippmann used her prototype of Yellow Brick Road for Lady Gaga at The Grammy's for the exclusive performance of her new single at the time "Born this Way". It got tons of press and I just had to have it. Yellow Brick Road is a stunning lemon yellow jelly that is so squishy it could be a sunshine cloud! Very beautiful and a must have for yellow lovers, Gaga fans, and heck anyone who loves Deborah Lippmann lacquers! This is three coats.
Naked by Deborah Lippmann came out in early Spring this year, along with Glitter in the Air (which I will be reviewing soon, I promise). I was dying for this seemingly perfect nude hue and it was worth the wait. This is by far, the quintessential hands-down MOST sublime your-hands-but-better polish I've ever used. It's the most opaque, au natural, but not too yellow or pink, beige skin color polish for me. Thank you Deborah! You've made my mannequin hands dream come true with this polish! I used three coats, only because my nubbins were giving me trubs not because the polish needed three.
Now the newest addition to Deborah's lineup of lacquers, Lara's Theme. Created with Dutch Supermodel, Lara Stone, Lara's Theme is a super bright, though not neon, almost-red orange. Very beautiful and a nod to the model's national color. This is so perfect for summer and even more perfect for me! I couldn't keep my eyes off it and the second I got it in the mail last week, it went on my fingers :) This is two perfect coats. I imagine it will go on my toes next, woot!
What do you think of these new Lippmann polishes?

Products provided for review.
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