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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego Collection: Keep it Undercover

I wasn't sure if I was going to like the Keep it Undercover half of the Color Club Alter Ego collection at all. It is full of shimmer/foil dark jewel tones that lend themselves to cool skin tones--which I do not have. I didn't think I'd like the textures or anything. However, when set upon a swatch fest with the bunch, I found that I actually liked this troupe very much, a lot more than first anticipated that is for sure!

Masquerading is a silvery steel blue/black color with a tinge of green. It's a very interesting color that is crazy hard to pinpoint. This is ALMOST a frost and ALMOST a pearl but it's totally not frosty which makes this polish a freaking enigma. That should've been it's name. This is two coats of mystery.
Total Mystery has a cobalt blue inky watery base with pink and blue microglitter. This ended up being one of my favorites out of the collection but it scared me in the bottle, it looks like one that would stain and run everywhere. However it didn't, it was super easy to control and opaque so I liked it. This is two coats.
Alter Ego reminds me of Sally Hansen Purple Gala, only less opaque. I should've done three coats on this but oh well, this is two. It's a greyed out purple foil with gold shimmer sparkles, although the glare looks distinctly silver...another odd but beautiful one.
Ulterior Motive is the same kind of texture as Total Mystery, watery almost jelly base with lots of microglitter, so much that you almost get a foil. This is a deep berry fuchsia pink with pink and blue glitz. This is three coats, although it was surprisingly opaque. I usually really don't like fuchsias, but I enjoyed this one.
Secret Agent has the same finish as Masquerading, frost-like but not a frost. Very close though, but packed with shimmer. This is a bright blurple and sadly the only one in the collection that I couldn't bring myself to like that much, only because me and blue tinged purples do not get along too well. This is two coats.
Alias is my favorite in the collection, similar to Orly's Out of this World but more charcoal based and thinner in consistency, not as foiled. I love the silver sparkles that catch the light in this dark violet shade, very elegant and mysterious. Two coats.
Stay tuned to see the second half of this collection, coming soon :)

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