Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Glitter In the Air

I'm not even joking when I tell you that the song that came on shuffle on my iTunes when I started writing this blog post was "Glitter in the Air" by Pink. Whoa, talk about fate eh? Haha, that song was the muse for this gossamer glitter shade by Deborah Lippmann. I received this as a gift from my lovely and beautiful friend Landa, thanks so much L-Doodle, it's so ga ga gorgeous!! (P.S. my girl not only does fab nails, she also makes awesome cookies!) Now on to this stunning polish...
“My inspiration for ‘Glitter In The Air’ was part customer request and part Pink’s magical performance at the (2010) Grammy Awards – floating through the air, wrapped in a sheer body suit with sparkles. I wanted to capture that ethereal moment in a bottle"
I love this polish. Even though it's very sheer, I personally adore it. It's angelic and heavenly. It reminds me of Princess Aurora dancing on the clouds with Prince Phillip in the last scene of Sleeping Beauty where her dress keeps changing colors from pink to blue. I layered two coats here over Icing's baby blue crème J'adore to give it an opaque base.
This video of Pink makes my jaw drop every time. The performance is so beautiful on a level I cannot put into words. The song, her athleticism, the stunning grace and poise she shows is unbelievable.

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