Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Misa Wishes Collection

Misa came out with the Wishes collection this Spring, a seemingly typical pastel set of polishes. However, these have a special satin finish that mimics frosted glass. Very ethereal, they almost look matte but it's easily discernible that they're shiny. Très interesting. I blogged about a few of them previously but recently got the entire collection so I figured I'd review them as a whole.

Touch the Rainbow is the palest sky blue with white iridescent shimmer glaze. This is one of my favorites in the collection, super angelic. Two coats.
Whimsical Wish is a pale peach with pink iridescent shimmer glaze. I wasn't sure if I'd love this one but I ended up really liking how clean and fresh it makes my skin look. This is two coats.
Never Say Never has a bit more shimmer and almost a metallic grain look to the finish. It's a frosted glass granite grey color that is very striking while keeping in tone with the other demure colors. This is two coats.
Genie In this Bottle is a soft pinky lavender polish with a slight grey undertone and tiny flakes of red, but they're very subtle, almost undetectable. I love the pink shimmer in this one, super gorgeous. This is also two coats.
Fountain of Youth is a pale celadon green with silver shimmer. I love how spring worthy these colors are! They look like they could be colors of bridesmaid dresses *giggle* and I love it! Two coats here as well.
Last is Pixie Princess, a darker peach than Whimsical Wish with a more subtle pink shimmer. This is very pretty and even though I don't think it looks the best on me, it will definitely flatter some lighter and darker skin tones out there. Two coats here. I love the thickness of these polishes, just enough to get perfectly opaque in two coats.
What do you think of this collection? I think it's lovely to see such a different style of finish once in a while.

Products provided for review.


  1. Perfect spring colors. So pretty.

  2. Beautiful. I have had Touch the Rainbow for a while now, but it is still untried. Whimsical Wish looks interesting.

  3. Gorgeous! I was fully expecting them to be sheer because of the colors, but I'm impressed that they are two coaters! I might need them now :)

  4. Wow, I like them all, they're soft, but not boring at all! Genie In This Bottle = ♥

  5. Wow.. I love them all! Especially Never say Never. Normally I don't go for nude, but this looks gorgeous!

  6. Perfect spring color! I really like Touch the Rainbow and Fountain of Youth! So pretty!

  7. Genie In this Bottle is stunning! Your swatches of this collection are great!

  8. I loved this collection!
    When I got it I was all like "squeee", my fave collection this year :D
    Genie in the Bottle and Pixie Princess were my faves :)

  9. I bought this whole collection when it first came out. I love it, so soft and pretty.

  10. I saw this collection swatched at another site, but I didn't like them there. However your swatches made me wanna buy all of them.. Funny what a good swatch can do to a nail polish..


  11. Genie In this Bottle is the best!

  12. I was going to skip them since they didn't look that great to me. You make them look gorgeous. Guess I'll add these to my list Miss Temptress!


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