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Monday, November 22, 2010

BB Couture Top Rock & Hard On

It's no secret that I love BB Couture's nail polish colors. They're inventive, unique, and they are not afraid to push the envelope. But would I love their nail treatments just as much? I was bound and determined to find the answer to that question. I got Top Rock top coat and Hard On strengthener to review and I have been using them for almost every manicure for about a month.
Top Rock is a chip resistant, shiny top coat that boasts having 2 UV protectors in it's formula.  I was excited to try this guy out because according to, it is supposed to smell like raspberries! doesn't. At least not to me, but I have to say that it is the BEST smelling topcoat I've ever used!  Idk how to describe it, except (don't judge me now) it smells a little like a skunk.  Not bad at all, believe me haha.  That's just the first thing that popped in my head when I opened the bottle!

Top Rock has does an excellent job at being shiny and providing a nice hard surface on my manicures. It isn't the fastest drying top coat I own, which is usually my main priority. However, for what it does, I really love it. It keeps my manicure chip free (I only wear colors for at MOST three days) and SHINY. I also really love the consistency of this stuff. It isn't thick but not terribly thin either, really easy to manipulate on the nail. I found the best way to apply this stuff is to wait for my manicure color to dry for about 10 minutes, then to apply Top Rock and use a polish dryer, like OPI Drip Dry or my personal favorite, Nail Life aromatherapy Drop On (it smells like watermelon!).

When I first heard the name of Hard On nail strengthener, I just about died in a fit of giggles. I tip my hat to the ladies over at BB Couture's sense of humor, they crack me up! In fact, some of their new men's collection holiday colors are called Santa's Sak and Silver Balls--hilarious! Anyway, this treatment is colored a bit purple in the bottle, but goes on the nail clear. I use it as a base coat.

Now if you are looking for a great smelling nail polish treatment, boy howdy have I found it for ya! Hard On smells like delicious :D I think this one smells a heck of a lot more like raspberries than Top Rock. Seriously, la la love it. As for it's performance, I have noticed that my nails have stopped peeling and are noticeably stronger since I've started using this. I also haven't had any problems with staining while using it.

You can get these both at for $10 each. I know I'm going to pick up another bottle when I get through these ones, they're seriously terrific!


Products were provided for an honest review.
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