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Sunday, November 7, 2010

mac polishes

mac polishes have kind of a bad rap.  i don't know why, as far as i've experienced them, they have been fine for me.  i like the bottles and the formulas are usually alright.

this polish is called so rich, so pretty, from the alice+olivia collection.  and it IS soooooo pretty!  i borrowed this from a friend and i'm bummed that i didn't buy it for myself.  a gorgeous red toned magenta purple with unbelievable shimmer that just won't quit.  this is two coats.
this polish is called india blue, from the liberty of london collection.  a gorgeous dusty slate blue creme, it's not close to really anything i have which is cool.  i borrowed this one too and of course i am now lemming it for myself :)  this is three coats.  please excuse the screen shadow from my window haha, how did i not see that when i was taking the picture haha?!
i love the cute boxes on specialty collections!  but the bird on the liberty of london bottle freaks me out, it looks possessed.  hope your weekend is going well!



i borrowed these from a friend. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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