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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OPI Burlesque Pt. 1

the lovely burlesque collection from opi came out at the beginning of october, a collaboration opi has done for the movie Burlesque, in theaters soon. i'm not super interested in the movie but the polishes are pretty fab! there are 12 polishes in the collection, six shimmers and six glitters.

right away, out of the shimmers, the show must go on just called to me. it was definitely the most talked about amongst the beauty community i think as most folks were thinking it would be a dupe for mac's bad fairy nail polish (it's not). it's a coral pink metallic polish with big particles of shimmer and an orange gold duochrome. very pretty and enigmatic. two coats.
let me entertain you certainly entertains me! magenta bordering on raspberry, even looking like jam or preserves haha, this glass fleck shimmer is really gorgeous. there is a tinge of pink in the sparkle that i really like. two coats here as well.
i finally fashioned myself a lightbox, now just to finagle the lights and my camera to work the way i need them to!  it's that season again *sigh* the time has changed and the sun has started to disappear from my mountain town so in order to get my swatches done in a timely manner, i needed a solution. bare with me while i get it all figured out :) look out for more swatches from this collection folks!


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