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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nubar Holiday Jewel Basket swatches

The folks over at Nubar have put out a gaggle of glitz for your holiday enjoyment this year :) Always free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene, the nail lacquers in Holiday Jewel Basket offer four fine glitters, two glitter top coats, a classic red crème, Foundation Base Coat, and Diamont Top Coat.
Competition Red is Nubar's classic red crème, a re-promote like a few of these others, so if you missed picking this guy up in your last Nubar order, now is a great time to snatch it up. This red has a great formula, spreads easily with no drag, awesome pigmentation, and is supremely flattering. This is two coats.
Pixie Dust is a super delicate sparkly diamond shimmer topcoat. Really subtle but still glam for that sugar frosted look this holiday season. This is two coats over two of Competition Red.
Nubar 2010 is a fantastic flaky glitter, reminding me of fish scales. This color would look amazing over any color, but I of course had to try it over Competition Red. The outcome is ga ga gorgeous, no? Two coats of topcoat over two coats of red.
Grass Green Glitter is pretty but sheer. This level of opacity took four coats.
Silver Glitter on the other hand, is ANYTHING but sheer. Chunky and thick and ridiculously opaque for a glitter. If you like glitter, you'll love this! This is two THIN coats.
Gold Glitter is another super opaque glitter, on the more yellow side of gold. This is two thin coats.
Red Ruby Glitz is my favorite from the collection. It has a colored base, which is usually how I prefer my glitters. This polish is reminiscent of classics like China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. This is two coats.
I used Foundation Base Coat on all of these swatches.  I've been using it for every manicure since I've gotten it and I like it very much.  It dries quickly and helps my polish adhere.  The Diamont seal and shine topcoat is not my favorite.  It doesn't dry quickly, which is my number one priority in a product that totes itself as "fast drying".  I have heard that previous versions of Diamont were amazing and dry fast, solid, and shiny.  This is a new batch and in my opinion they should go back to the original.
This set goes on sale November 15 for $49.95 on :)

****UPDATE: Today through Nov 30th, save 30% on retail orders of $30 or more with code NOV3030 at .


These products were provided to me for an honest review.
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