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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OPI Burlesque Pt. 3

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for :) The OPI Burlesque glitters!
Show It and Glow It is a fuchsia purple glitter mixed with silver.  There are a few other colors of glitter in there but the overall color is very purple.  This is two thick coats.
My favorite out of this half of the lacquers is Sparkle-icious.  It's a Mardi Gras color scheme glitter bomb.  A little more sparse than the others, there are only three colors of glitter in this guy- purple, gold, and blue.  Very pretty and closest to the elusive Mad As A Hatter polish that everyone loved so much from the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection.  This is three coats.
Shimmer and Simmer is a weird name for this blue babe.  Gorgeous with an overall ocean blue color with a silver cast.  It has the same little bits of other colors, yellow, green, and red.  This is two thick coats.
Glow Up Already is overall silvery green with hint of gold.  This looks a lot like Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.  This is two thick coats.
Bring On the Bling is a very light gold overall.  This is really gorgeous, the bits of colored glitter mixed in make the cool gold just POP!  Two thick coats.
Extra-Va-Vaganza is also a weird name.  I get what they were going for but yeah, it doesn't work.  This really reminds me of Halloween and would be a great color to release around that time, good thing these came out at the beginning of October huh?  Cool orange color with silver pops out the most.  Two thick coats.
As a whole, this collection is really special.  I would've liked a few cool toned foils maybe to round it out but a few really jumped out at me and earned "must have" status in my opinion.  It still doesn't make me want to watch the movie though, haha.


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