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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Claw Polish

I first heard about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab from a few of my nail blogging buddies. They make perfume oils and some other items. Just recently they started producing nail polish inspired by the perfume oil names. I was excited to see them because I saw them reviewed on a few other blogs and they looked so fun! And they are called "claw polish", how cool is that?!

Morgause is described as a regal, ambitious plum metallic pearl.  I see this as a plummy red with a shimmer and metallic finish.  Very pretty and easy to paint on.  I was not sure if it would be hard to apply or not because it looked like it could end up with massive brush strokes, but good to note that it wasn't a problem at all!  This is two coats.
Malediction is a black creme polish.  It is not the most opaque black creme I've ever used, but it's pretty fair in terms of application and the finish is super glossy.  This is three coats.
Midnight on the Midway is described as a rich midnight plum pearl flecked with a silver metallic sheen.  I'd say that is pretty accurate, the pearl in this polish makes it a bit difficult to handle unfortunately.  I do like the end result but it gave me some trubs when I applied it.  This is three coats.
Opium Poppy is suuuuper cute, I really love this one.  Awesome fuchsia pink creme with fab pigmentation.  Really lovely to apply too, with great opacity.  This is two coats.  The lamp light photo is most color accurate.
Hell's Belle is a lavender pearl with a golden pink sheen.  This color is really pretty but it's unfortunately sheer.  I bet it would be lovely over a purple or a black polish.  This is two coats.
Embalming Fluid is awesome!  It is a nearly sheer green with multicolored iridescent glitter.  Aaaannnndddd it glows in the dark!  Super fun eh?  This is two coats, but I added two more to get a good picture of it glowing.  And, a little tid-bit of info, despite the name, this polish like all the others from BPAL, does not contain formaldehyde :)
Croquet is an adorable bubblegum pink creme.  Really great pigmentation, opaque in two coats.  So cute :)
Destroying Angel is a super gorgeous dark chocolate brown.  It is not as opaque as the lighter colors, surprisingly.  This is two coats.
And last is Lady Macbeth, a stunning dried blood brown red creme.  Very morbid haha but I love it!  There is the tiniest slightest bit of shimmer in this that flashes when you least expect it, which is pretty cool.  This is two coats.
You can get these on BPAL's website for $9.  So what do you think?  Do any of these lacquers intrigue you?  They have a polish described as "oil-rubbed metallic bronze" and one that is "sooty, gunmetal-tinged billows of opaque, near-black shimmer" that I might have to order soon :)


These were sent for review.
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