Monday, November 29, 2010

China Glaze Channelesque

*Dun da dun dun DAAAAHHH* Today I have for you perhaps the most iconic China Glaze nail polish in existence. Channelesque is a purple taupe creme with some hidden shimmer. Along the lines of Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic and newer polishes like Essie's Merino Cool and Rimmel Steel Grey. I've heard that in their spring collection, China Glaze is releasing the color again, under a different name. But this baby is the original, the hawt, sexy, non big-3 free babe. This is three coats in sunlight.
I can't wait to see the new polish, called Below Deck, when the Anchors Away collection comes out!  I'll definitely have to do a comparison for you :)

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