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Monday, January 3, 2011

3 Free Zoyas! (pic heavy)

Do you "like" Zoya? On Facebook, Zoya has been trying to hit 20,000 fans and they finally did it! To celebrate, they're giving their fans a code that allows them 3 FREE Zoya nail polish bottles! Today, they will release the code on Facebook so be sure to "like" them and keep your eyes peeled for the special code!

Here are a few swatches of some awesome Zoya colors, maybe giving you an idea of what you will want to pick out for yourself!

Here's Lexi, a metallic pale pink. Zoya describes it as "A soft-toned shimmering multichromatic shade that combines mauve, silver, pink and hints of blue."
Irene is a metallic olive toned green shimmery stunner. Zoya describes it as "Muted, mossy camouflage olive green accented by fine yellow-based green shimmer."
Kierra is a reddish plummy shimmer. Zoya describes it as "Fascinating brown-based wine purple with fine metallic mauve shimmer."
 Gigi is a baby pink with silver micoglitter. Zoya describes it as "Light baby pink with pink duochrome shimmer and lots of twinkling silver microglitter."
Fawne is a pinky frosted lavender purple. Zoya says it's "Frosted pinkish mauve with a fine layer of smooth golden shimmer."
Felicity is a gorgeous pale rose pink with gold and pink sparkle. Zoya says it's a "Soft dusty tea-rose pink with champagne and bright pink duochrome shimmer and flecks of gold."
Ivanka is a sexy sparkle-filled green polish. Zoya calls it "Mermaid green sparkling metallic."
Adina is a metallic lilac polish with a light green metallic duochrome. Zoya says it is a "Violet metallic multichrome. A frosty hint of green and magenta creates a unique 'oil-slick' look."
Anastasia is a gorgeous dark wine shimmer with gold sparkle. Zoya says it is a "A warm brown with strong purple tones with golden plum duochrome and heavy gold microglitter."
Casey is a cult classic vampy almost-black red. Zoya describes it as a "Dark, rich, saturated blackened red-purple creme."
Mimi is a bluish purple sparkling polish with silver gleam. Zoya says it is a "royal purple sparkling metallic."
Gwin is a gleaming tangerine shimmer with a gold flash. Zoya describes it as a "Sunny melon metallic duochrome."
 Calypso is a frosty grapefruit coral with silver shimmer. Zoya says it is a "Bright yet soft looking light orange-coral with smooth, frosty metallic shimmer."
Lola is a shocking pink fuchsia neon with a blue flash. Zoya says it is an "Ultra-bright warm fuchsia-pink base with strong blue-violet duochrome shimmer."
Reece is a purple tinged rose metallic polish with a gold duochrome. Zoya describes it as "Rose metallic duochrome. A frosty hint of gold creates a unique "oil-slick" rose-gold."
Audrina is a dusty mauvey purple creme. Zoya calls it "A very bright funky mix of medium pink and purple with a milky creme finish."
Astra is a sparkling dark rose pink chunky glitter polish. Zoya describes it as "A deep, rosy warm pink tinted translucent base with lots of dark and light pink glitter."
And LAST is miss Kotori, a metallic almost teal deep ocean blue shimmer with a semi-translucent black base. Zoya explains it as "A dense bright blue shimmer superimposed over a sheer black base."
I hope I gave you some help to pick out your own 3 favorite shades for Zoya's awesome giveaway. With over 300 shades available to choose from (OMG!) you might be a bit boggled with your choices! Good luck :)

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