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Thursday, January 6, 2011

China Glaze OMG collection

With the new "Tronica" collection coming out soon, I thought this would be a good time to show y'all my holo swatches from China Glaze OMG collection that came out in Spring 2009. I haven't seen them yet but I hear they are practically dupes from this collection. These are the only ones I have from the collection, and some I borrowed.

DV8 is a bright blue teal holo. Excellent.
QT is a fuchsia hot pink holo. Borrowed this one. Need it. Would've liked to have seen a true red holo in this new collection :(
LOL is a jewel toned purple holo. Not super dark, not light either which is nice. I just got this one and I la la love it!
TMI is a coral-y bright pink holo. This is also one I borrowed. Like it, don't loooooove it.
2Nite is a pale sky blue holo. This one really sings in the sun.
TTYL is a light salmon pink holo. This and 2Nite I've had the longest. Very pretty eh?
OMG is the namesake polish and in my opinion, the most holo out of the nail polishes in this collection. Full rainbows show in this daddy, just as they should in a good holo.
I am eager to see the Tronica colors to see how they compare to this vintage collection :)

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