Monday, January 24, 2011

Misa Spark My Interest collection

Misa's winter 2010 collection "Spark My Interest" is all about the glitz and glamour of nightlife and romantic intrigue—because nighttime nails should never fade into the background. The six brilliant hues are saturated with shine, thanks to the thousands of glittering particles packed into each polish, guaranteeing that nails remain the center of attention. These were all two coats.

Glitz, Glamour, Smile for the Camera is a foil plummy magenta. This shade slid on like glimmering butter.
Spark My Heart, That's a Start is one I've shown you before, and one of the three polishes I'm giving away in my January Misa Giveaway! A zesty bright coral-pink shimmer stunner.
Date Nights to the Twilight is a royal purple foil. This one is really nice and although it's not my favorite, I'm sure will have a lot of fans. The name is a little weird though haha.
Pink Bling on my Ring is a really bright pink metallic shimmer. Very girly pretty and the formula is unbelievable.
Red Pumps at the Nordstrom is the other polish from this collection that I have a new bottle of as a prize for my newest giveaway. I've showed you this one before too, but it's so gorgeous, another picture can't hurt. Ruby red lit from within with a pink flash, oooh hot stuff!
Wink, Blink, Let's Get a Drink is a berry colored magenta with metallic shimmer. Like the others in this collection, this color went on amazingly smooth and easy.
This collection has some similar colors, but that insures that every skintone will find a color that looks great on them. All of them have fabulous coverage and amazing pigment. You can get Misa from or at e-tailers like Head2Toe or Transdesign.


These were sent for review.


  1. I love Date Nights To The Twilight!

  2. I love how sparkly these are! Want!

  3. Totally my kinda colors, they look great!

  4. Waow! Now I definitely need some Misa's they are really pretty :D

  5. how do you achieve the glossy look on the pic?.. what camera is best to use?

  6. Very nice collection. They're all pretty.

  7. I love Misa! They make such lovely polishes. These colors are really pretty and are great for Valentine's day manis!

  8. @euzefelus_27 hmm i suppose it depends on your taste, but i recommend one with a macro function. i use a sony cybershot :)

  9. @BeautyByBrittany what a great idea, i didn't even think about valentines day but yeah these polishes would be great for that occasion :D

  10. L-I-N-D-O-S !!!!!!!!!
    Um mais lindo que o outro!


  11. pretty but too similar, no variety

  12. I love this collection, but the names...oh so long!!!! lol
    The red one is my fave!

  13. Eu gosto dessa coleção\o/

    I like this collection \o/


  14. Seriously, these are the cutest names for polish ever. I really like Date Night Into The Twilight!

  15. I seriously need "red pumps at the nordstroms" and "date nights to the twilight", the names are odd, but the colors are gorgeous!


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