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Thursday, January 13, 2011

$OPI What's Your Point-settia?

I borrowed this. *sigh* I can't believe I'm showing you this with a big ol' smudge in my pinky finger but I didn't notice until I gave the polish back and was going over the pictures. And I like how the other fingers turned out. So...I'm human haha I make mistakes, I figure you can handle it ;)

What's Your Point-settia is a Sephora by OPI 2010 holiday color, a deep cranberry red with red and gold sparkle. Not the most unique polish nor my favorite red with gold but I do like it well enough. I really love the $OPI formula, it's been fabulous for every single polish of theirs I've tried. This was no exception.  Two coats.
You may notice that I have begun to put a watermark on my photos again. This is in response to a recent blogger's blatant theft of my photos and posts, which I have experienced before but never at this magnitude. It is really pathetic and just sad. It's one thing to get inspiration or ideas from another person's work, but to literally copy and paste their words and photos is just disgusting. Until yesterday, he/she had copied and pasted my entire blog profile too, which needless to say, is beyond creepy. And Blogger has yet to take down the offending posts (as well as the other bloggers' she has copied from), so as I am afraid it might keep happening, I am willing to sacrifice a little bit of aesthetic pride and put my blog address in my photo. Hope you don't mind :/

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