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Sunday, January 2, 2011

BB Couture Wild West Collection

I am always super excited and on the edge of my seat to see what is up next for BB Couture. Their collections and colors never disappoint us polish fiends, with their wild hues and awesome finishes. The newest collection is no exception. Wild West has six colors for ladies and six for the mens collection. I am happy to show you them all today.

Belle Starr is a simply gorgeous purple dusty mauvey color with sparkle! Fabulous coverage and pigment in two coats.
Wrangler is a frosty sparkley cool steely blue. This was probably my least favorite of the collection in terms of application, it was a bit thick and I can never handle frosts well, but it is really pretty as an end result.
Frontier Woman is definitely a keeper. Medium kelly green with sparkle!  A winner in my book.  Two coats and it's heaven.
Laced Corset is sexy! A shimmery plum purple that goes on smooth and pretty in two coats. Actually I don't think any of the ladies colors took me more than two coats! They were all great.
Pistol Packin' Mama is deep dark and hawt. It's a bit ambiguous, a little bit brown, a little bit green, golden and glowy.  I love it.
Saloon Girl is a seriously shimmery red pink. How gorgeous is this?! Very flattering.
Now on to the men's collection!

Posse is my favorite out of the collection BAR NONE. It is a burnished metallic olive green with some dark gold shimmer. I got more compliments on this nail polish than I have on one in a LONG time. It almost reminds me of a manure color haha, but I love it! At certain angles it looks really steel-like too, which is a cool effect. I wore this for almost a week, so that will explain the tip wear.
Sundance is a firey orange with an almost foil like shimmer. I don't know if this will be particularly flattering on everyone out there, but if I do say so myself, it looks pretty good on me ;)
Bandito is a real dark purple eggplant with fine shimmer. There is an elusive duochrome of green and there is a tinge of blue in there as well. Shows more in the bottle than on the nail though.
Outlaw is a gorgeous shimmery purple on the reddish side of the spectrum with red and gold sparkles. This one is truly breathtaking.
Rustler is a milk chocolaty brown creme. This is the only one I needed three coats on, it was a bit watery. Reminds me a bit of Dea by Zoya.
And last is Gunfighter, a steely grey blue with a foil-like shimmer. A lovely and aptly named polish.
I'd have to say this collection is a total winner. A few are definitely must-haves and the rest are absolutely should-haves.  You can get these online right now at BB Nail Polish from Cindy and the other lovely ladies that run the company for $9.95 each.


These were sent for review.
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