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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nubar Diamont - FINAL VERDICT

Do you remember my review of the top coat by Nubar called Diamont Seal & Shine that was not so good? The once loved and highly sought after quick-dry formula had been changed some time ago and the bottle I had gotten was sadly the "new-bad" batch. I was unhappy with the fact that it never dried, it stayed gooey for ages! It also really lacked shine.

Much to my surprise and delight, the people over at Nubar have gone back to the "old-good" formula! They definitely listen to their customers, like any great company should! The latest bottles have all been replaced and updated to the good formula. I can attest that this top coat is just as good if not better than the other fast dry top coats on the market. I have been testing it out for about two months and really like it. I have never had bubbling, a huge pet peeve of mine. I have never had tip-pull. AND I have never had my polish peel off in sheets, which another well known top coat is notorious for doing. It dries really fast, almost as fast as my go-to topcoat Poshe, and is a hint shinier. The smell is rubbery, but pleasant. I also really love the bottle design, as it is ergonomic. I give it a 9 out of 10! If I could buy it in stores, it would get a 10.
You can get Nubar products like Diamont at :)

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