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Sunday, January 9, 2011

OPI and Serena Williams - Glam Slam

OPI and Serena Williams have come together to produce a brand new nail shade, to be released with the Black Shatter topcoat that I showed you yesterday. The package is going to be called the "Glam Slam" because, of course, Serena is a world famous tennis athlete. She has also recently become a licensed nail technician, which she says has always been one of her dreams. I hear there will be more nail colors coming out from OPI with Serena's help in the future.

Simply Smash-ing! is a lemon lime green, inspired by the tennis ball that Serena smacks around with ease on the court. The polish has an awesome sparkly foil finish. It is a bit sheer on the first coat but three make it just right. It turns out a bit more yellow on the nail than it looks in the bottle but it's definitely a green. I think it's a great color for spring!
Under Black Shatter, it is very snazzy and modern. I like this combo a lot.
I've always loved tennis, I even used to go to tennis camps in the summer in grade school and junior high. I am super happy for Serena and applaud her for making her dreams a reality and taking the time to put the work in to become a nail tech. I can't wait to see what is coming up next for her collab with OPI! If the rest of her colors are as good as this one, than I know we'll be in for a treat :)


These were sent for review.
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