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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Misa What I Like About You collection

Misa came out with six phenomenal shades last fall, that I only got one of at the time, but I'm so happy to be able to share them all with you now. I cannot believe I didn't have all of them before, because they're pretty amazing.
Quirky Smile is a shimmering Prussian blue, on the teal side and delightfully metallic. Just enough to have glimmer but not enough to cause irritating ugly brush strokes. All the shades in this collection only took two coats. I would say this is darker indoors but the sun makes it ridiculously brilliant.
Spinning Out of Control is a royal purple with crazy shimmer. I am not really into blue-toned purples (I think there is WAY too many of them out there too) but even though this polish isn't that unique, I actually loved it on me. Great coverage too.
Like It Like That is an über sexy candy shell green metallic with a slight blue-green duochrome. *PHEW* I had to take a step back and fan myself, cuz this is one HAWT polish!
It's You is seriously my BABE. This polish was freaking made for me. The name is pretty ironic haha. It's a dark charcoal metallic with an emerald duochrome shimmer and a shy bit of pink shimmer. AND this is one of the polishes I'm giving away (a new one, of course) in my latest reader giveaway! Ahhh I can't stop staring!!!
Perfect Kiss isn't really my style; a magenta/fuchsia never is, really. However, the brightness and shimmer is something I can totally appreciate. And really could there ever be a collection without a pink or a red? I think not.
When U Say My Name is just.....luscious! Rusty brown metallic sultry richness. Just the right amount of warmness, without making it too red.
I really can't say enough good things about this collection. It's fantastic. We all know that I am head over heels for Misa's bottle design and brush, and honestly the formula wears so well on me that it's ridiculous. The best wear I get is only from non big-3 free polishes and Misa is second best to that--and they ARE big-3 free. This collection was pretty thin but not uncontrollably so, and the pigment on them was great. You can get Misa from or at e-tailers like Head2Toe or Transdesign.


These were sent for review.
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