January 31, 2011

Impala Crochê

I got this cream dream from my gorgeous friend Sarah over at Them Pretty Colors. It's from Brazil and is sooooo pretty. That girl knows what I like that is for sure! Crochê is a pale grey brownish color. The formula was a little watery, as I think these are non big-3 free, but totally workable. This is three coats.
I love the bottle shape of Impalas, they're like little rockets! And the label design reminds me of something, like a cigar wrapper haha. Totally cute.
I'm going to be guest blogging later this week on Them Pretty Colors, reviewing another gorgeous Brazilian lacquer, so be sure to subscribe to her feed and keep an eye out for it :)



  1. Hi!
    I'm from Brazil!
    I'm so happy you like it!
    I have this color and love it too!


  2. :) I love this color. I wish I could get it!

  3. This is gorgeous on you! I love all my impalas from Sarah! she has great taste

  4. it matches perfectly with your skin :)

  5. Wow, gorgeous grey.... Sarah is such a sweetheart. <3

  6. This is such a beautiful soft gray! Love it!


  7. Ooh! It's so pretty! It almost has a jelly feel to it. Love!

  8. Eu tenho esse e amo!!!!
    Lindo mesmo.


  9. yay i’m so excited to have your blog on my faves finally. i’ve been meaning to check it out after always watching your fab youtube videos!! i’ll let you know if/when i want to link to your page so as not to copy; my girlfriends would love to follow you too. it’s such a nice distraction from work/life! xo

  10. @betsy thanks so much betsy! feel free to link to my page as much as you want, it's up to be shared :D

  11. @Cores da Ju it's so great! i love all the Brazilian lacquers I've gotten to try :)

  12. Oie darling I'm from Brazil and I'm glad I liked our colors you just have this nail polish they are not expensive if you want I can send you some glazes here in Brazil and you send me a kiss then visit my blog too


  13. OoOoO I really like that color a lot. It work really well with your skintone too :)

  14. Hey sweetpea,
    It looks so good on you! This is one of the rare taupes I actually love!
    I usually wear this w/ 3 coats. Unfortunately Impala always releases some pretty watery polishes...
    And yes, Impalas are not big 3 free. Most br polishes are not, except for the Coloramas.

  15. I'm a self-proclaimed Impala lover! ahahah... I have many Impalas and yes, most of them are quite watery... small price to pay for such lovely colors, I think. And yes, they do contain Toluene and such chemicals... it's a pity but I do think that they are working on it! There are many brazilian brands that are ditching the big 3 as we speak, like Colorama, Ludurana and I think Fina Flor...
    Loved seeing this Impala on you!

  16. Very pretty on you. I can never have enough of these shades. I like seeing polishes from other countries. I also like the bottle shape. Wish there was one place we could order all brands of polish. A girl can only dream!

  17. Oohh this is so pretty! I love how squishy it looks :P I never heard of this brand before...

  18. I keep thinking of the vehicle Impala. LOL! Nice shade. I don't have anything close to it at all.

  19. i love my grays and black! this is a pretty one...and your application is flawless!



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