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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Revlon Emerald City and Fire Fox

Love these matte suede Revlons. I've already shown you Ruby Ribbon, and now here is two others from this collection.

Emerald City is a gorgeous sparkley green, kind of similar to OPI's Matte Suede Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. This was super easy to apply, but slow to dry. Don't expect these to dry as fast as regular matte colors. Oh well, it looks pretty fab with a top coat too.

Fire Fox is a polish I borrowed from my friend Mickelle (actually I borrowed EC too, haha I forgot about that). I wasn't sure if it was really "me" but I might try and find it in stores still because it's actually pretty fab. It's a bright orangey red with a bit of a pink flash, which is cool for it being a matte. Although, these are "suede" and not flat matte or anything.
Did you guys pick up anything from this collection? I've heard rumors that they are permanent, but I'm not sure. They look like holiday colors to me, but who knows...anyone?

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