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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deborah Lippmann polishes

Daytripper is probably my new favorite coral pink. This polish is way bright and super creamy. Love this! Three coats.
Call Me Irresponsible is a sexy purple jelly. I love this polish, although I did get significant bubbling :( Nothing a good topcoat can't disguise. This is three coats.
Angel Eyes is a gorgeous dusty mauvey pink jelly creme. Not quite a creme, not quite a jelly. This is one of Deb's older polishes but you can still get it online at some retailers (like Apothica). I really love this polish and cannot believe how flattering it is.  This is two coats.
Dark Side of the Moon is a super dark aubergine jelly creme. This polish was worn by January Jones to the Emmy's last year, in a mani done by Deborah Lippmann herself. It looks fierce on long almonds like hers were and my tiny nubbins, doesn't it? Three coats.
Between the Sheets is another awesome jelly creme. A fabulous shade of purpley pink fuchsia. Looks bright and dusty at the same time! This is two coats. (I had some topcoat issues with this one, I've been trying out new ones and this one was sucky.)
Ooh I love this brand.


Some of these polishes were provided for review.
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