Saturday, February 26, 2011

Butter London Billy No Mates

Hello hello my dear friends! Hope your weekend is treating you well and that you are staying nice and warm. I have been packaging and wrapping my brains out, thanks to my blog sale, which is still on-going if you are interested :)

Today I have to show you butter London's Billy No Mates polish. It's an odd color, just the type that reels me in helplessly. It's a grey with a terribly slight bit of blue. I imagine this type of color to be seen in a seersucker suit on a man who owns a Nantucket beach house. Weird I know, but sometimes I let my imagination get the best of me ;)
The application was less than perfect, a bit thick and streaky. This is three coats :P It is a great color though. And you know I luvs me some bL bottles.

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