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Monday, February 14, 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away: Sand & Sea

China Glaze has put out 12 nautical inspired lacquers for Spring 2011. Anchors Away is the name of the collection and the theme is delightful and entertaining in my opinion. I love the look of maritime fashion and colors so this collection was definitely high on my "must have" list when I first heard about it.
The collection comes in two parts, Sand & Sea carries the more neutral soft shades from the bunch. These were the first ones I tried on so naturally I should tell you about them first.

Pelican Gray is a creamy concrete gray polish that is a bit on the thick side but applies nicely in two coats. I love how this looks on the nail, and who says gray is last season? I think it's still as "in" as ever! There is the teeniest bit of shimmer in this guy too, which makes the color so much more intense.

I knew I would love White Cap, as it is reminiscent of one of my all time favorite China Glazes, White Kwik Slvr. This new guy has way more gold to it though which improves the heck out of it and makes it sparkle like there's no tomorrow. Gold flakes/shimmer and sheer white jelly equals gorgeous! This is two coats by itself, but this polish is also perfect for layering.

Sea Spray is already making its mark as a big hitter in the beauty-sphere online, people are really loving this guy! A pale sky blue with a hidden pearl shine, a finish very similar to Zoya's Marley. Ga ga gorgeous! And the formula on this baby was spectacular, two coats and easy to manipulate on the nail. More thick than thin but, I dare you to find an opaque soft shade that isn't. I have heard this is a dupe for Essie's Sag Harbor so I will try to do a comparison post with the two soon.

I really didn't think that there would be a fault with this collection, but if I were to nit-pick, Knotty just is not doing it for me. I can't imagine who this guy would look good on, but it's not me. Even though the formula is excellent and the polish is very shiny and good in theory, glass flecked beigey-nude, it doesn't work for me. Reminds me of creme soda. I want to like it, but I just look at it and go "whaaa?"

Sunset Sail is a great color, with a less than stellar formula. I had to apply four coats to get rid of the streaks on this, yikes. This was probably the thickest polish in the set too, no likey. However, when I was done applying it, I did like the color and the tiny microshimmer in the polish. This warm light peach won't work on everyone's skin tone but I think it does nicely on me.

And last but certainly not least, is Below Deck. China Glaze is truly an obliging company as they actually care what their customers have to say and try to give them what they want. Channelesque is a much coveted and cult status lacquer from China Glaze that discontinued long ago, of which Below Deck is modeled after. The previous version of this purpley-gray taupe crème maybe was a tad lighter but also not big-3 free. It was also gluey and hard to apply. The 2011 version in Below Deck is a bit dustier and muted and applies like a dream. Almost a one-coater, which is awesome, but I did need two to get full opacity. I LOVE polishes with this consistency, not terribly thick but not so thin that they drip into your cuticles. The perfect happy-medium.

I hope you enjoyed the first six lacquers from the Anchors Away collection from China Glaze and will tune in to see the second half coming soon!


These were sent for review.
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