February 25, 2011

Cult Nails Iconic

This is by far my favorite Cult Nails lacquer yet. I have high hopes for Maria's company if she keeps putting out polishes like this baby! Iconic is a deep berry magenta with tons of gold shimmer and irregular red flakes. I was actually on the fence about this polish when I first saw promo images, I was thinking the berry and red would clash but it really doesn't. They compliment each other wonderfully! And the gold shimmer really just ties it all in. It doesn't hurt that I think it looks pretty darn good with my skin tone too ;)
This mani is with a top coat but it's very shiny by itself too. It is a little thicker than I'd like in a perfect world, but I think most flakey polishes are a bit temperamental. You should jump at the chance to get this polish, I'm telling you it's stunning in person!



  1. That looks super crazy good on you! La la love it!

  2. Very pretty! I've like every polish I've seen from this line so far.

  3. I was toying with getting this when she had free shipping for one day but then I saw her post some shades she was putting together and there was a holo so I said screw it, I'll wait. Pretty!

  4. So pretty!!!
    Does she ship internationally?

  5. That is very pretty. I will order at sometime. All the polishes I've seen are really gorgeous.

  6. Ooh, gorgeous! It's like the red cousin to Merry Midnight. :-D

  7. This one is just so pretty :D I love all these polishes she has made, simply stunning :)

  8. Ratface!
    I placed an order, but I didn't get this one...I didn't know about the flakies. ;_;
    Definitely next time. Ohohoho. >D

    Anywho, you're right...this does look killer on ya!

  9. It's a very gorgeous shade.

  10. that's really neat! i've never seen a polish like that before. go Cult!


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